I have been addicted to most things but find that loud music and exercise is the main one. Oh and Food!​


I'm on the larger size of a size 16 and am ok with that for now. I never was though I went up to a size 24 at one point and lost all my confidence wouldn't leave the house was in a really dark place and it wasn't a nice experience.


It was then that a wonderful friend of mine convinced me to start teaching fitness classes again to get my Mojo back. As I already had my Exercise to Music qualification. That is When Be Flabuloss was born.


My target market was the anxious, low self esteem possibly larger person as I was big, all of those things and needed to get my confidence back. If they saw the size of me they wouldn't feel so self concious about themselves and would happily come to class. It worked. It also worked for smaller shaped people that also felt that anxiety when they went to a gym or other classes it was amazing. They had somewhere they could go to work out without feeling anxious and I got to help them and get my mojo back it was a win win.


Since then I have gone on to qualify in a range of things and now play an important role as a Beatz Mentor for instructors across the country.

 * Beatz Fitness

 * RockBox Fitness

 * Tone and Core

 * Step

 * Abs

 * Metafit

 * Boogie Bounce

 * Floatfit 

 * Bokwa

 * Punch and Strike